Scuba Diving charters

We regularly dive a multitude of dive sites and types such as :

  • Wreck dives on the GB Church
  • Wreck dives on the HMCS MacKenzie (advanced / level2)
  • Wreck dive on the Boeing 737 in Chemainus
  • Wrech dive on the Swordfish Wreck
  • Kelp diving
  • Wall diving
  • Drift diving
  • Critter discovery dives
  • Night dives
  • Big animal encounters (advanced/ level2 with mandatory gear)


If you’re curious about what an animal encounter looks like from a diver’s point of view check out this amazing video by Liquid Productions Inc, Becky Kagan on Youtube. . To enjoy this type of dive you must be comfortable with physical contact by animals weighting in at over 400lbs and yet respectful of the animals you will encounter. A level 2 diver (PADI advanced diver) training and at least 20 recently logged dives in comparable waters is necessary. We also need the proper ocean conditions and the right time of year.